3CLogic™ Cloud Contact Centre
3CLogic provides inbound and outbound customer interaction solutions which integrate with CRM software suites such as™, Infusionsoft™, Zoho™, vTiger™, SugarCRM™, Nutshell™ or any other proprietary CRM. Our cloud based call center gives companies access to a 360 degree view of customer communications across all voice, chat, text, and social media channels.


Techmatrix - FastHelp4 ™
FastHelp™ is a web based CRM system of multi-channel support specialized for Call Center environment which doesn't require any installation and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Call center operations couldn't get much easier with its automatic processing email function integrated with contact center business support. It is well known for fast customer data retrieval and an important business decision-making tool.


Symmetrics nVISION™ Contact Center Report & Analysis Suite
Symmetrics' nVISION Contact Center Report & Analysis Suite is a complete business intelligence platform for reporting and analysis in modern call centers. It consists of a number of multi-tiered modules that can be deployed independently or together.


Mloyal™ Loyalty Platform
Mloyal™ is an award winning platform that uses the power of mobile apps, web platform and offline connect to drive loyalty and engagement. The powerful Interactive mobile loyalty card on the customer's mobile phone is first of its kind. The platform is tightly integrated with 21+ commonly used POS systems, thus ensuring no human intervention and full fraud control while capturing customer billing data. It can be hosted as SAAS and is suitable for any size of businesses.


Global Loyalty™
Global Loyalty™ is a revolutionary cardless loyalty program technology which is cost effective and secure. By being cardless, its uses mobile through payment terminal/EPOS capability that enables mobile based promotions, vouchers & loyalty account details to be transmitted directly into merchant retail systems. By far, it is an elegant way of implementing Loyalty program in businesses.