XYBASE offers cutting edge technologies that can aid and improve defense and law enforcement operations and activities. The solutions include:

The 360 Camera

  • Delivers 360 Surveillance, every second of everyday
  • Crowd Surveillance (airport, stadium, hotspots, rail stations)
  • Used for advanced monitoring, protection and response
  • Provide early detection of hostile activities by pro-active monitoring
  • The recorded video can be used as a tool for forensic analysis and evidence in court

The Mobile Surveillance Solution

  • Stream live high quality video anywhere, anytime.
  • Taking Video Beyond the Edge
  • Provide video capture, local and remote live viewing, wireless video transfer and storage.
  • Small. Portable.
  • Easy to conceal. Multi-functional.
The above solutions are capable in providing live video feeds or live streaming of the location of the operation to the Command Centre. This provides a tactical advantage for the defense and law enforcement departments to monitor the situation at the specific location and enable continuous reporting to the Command Centre. With these solutions, it allows the higher management to make decisions based on the current situation on site and to provide direction to the operating unit for any action. Besides, all the video recording generated by both the solutions may be used as evidence in court as the systems are designed generate video recordings that are non-tampered or falsified.