Education & Training Management

We have coordinated over a thousand courses through the years. It is no doubt that we are experts in training management. We perform training planning, scheduling, administration and coordination in a meticulous manner. We take time to understand our clients' needs and makes a point to obtain feedback from the training participants during the training sessions to ensure that the training provided fulfills the clients' requirements.
The Education team also develops course manuals for non-commercial-off-the-shelf courses. All systems that are developed by XYBASE contain participants and instructor training manuals. The team also develops the Online Help function within the system.

Transfer of Technology

Our ability to develop and productise systems is a testimonial of XYBASE's Transfer of Technology success story. We are proud to share our Transfer of Technology methodology and management experience. The Transfer of Technology management services include skills gap analysis, relevant technology requirements analysis and implementation of the Transfer of Technology plan, which includes progressive monitoring of Transfer of Technology recipients.