Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team manages the quality of the entire project. They ensure that the internal processes as well as non-system deliverables such as documentation and other media items fulfill the clients' needs.

Our team is made up of experienced and certified engineers who have hands-on experience in ensuring that products and services are delivered on time, within budget in a manner which complies to the established standards. Our Quality Assurance management services include:

  • Quality engineering and training
  • Quality control
  • Quality management
  • Quality audits.

We follow both ISO 9001:1994 requirements for information technology and CMMi Level 3 framework.

Configuration Management

No matter how large or small the system development project, configuration management is crucial in ensuring the control over the system's releases. Some systems may contain thousands of program files and codes, which change as the development work progresses. The integration of these programs with other components further complicates the versions of the entire system. Our Software Development Team identifies and manages configuration items. We control statuses in cases where these items need to be changed or modified, such as source code changes and document changes.