Our track record in software development includes the engineering and development of the most sophisticated airportXpert suite, Government eBudgeting and Financial system, eGovernment Business Licensing system, Self Assessment Taxation, Good and Services Tax / VAT, Sports Management System, Human Resource Management and Payroll System, Enterprise Knowledge Portal and Trade Portals to name a few. Our pool of software engineers follows strict quality measures to ensure that the software developed meets the client's requirements.
Not only will we plan for our clients' business needs and IT requirements, but we will also assist in designing, developing and implementing software solutions and technology. In our approach, great emphasis is given in understanding the clients' business needs and environment before deciding what is best for them. By constantly keeping in touch with the latest in technology and enhancing our knowledge on local business environments, we are able to deliver high quality business solutions.
Our dynamic software developers are made up of a group who are fluent in open source technologies such as Java, J2EE, JBoss, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Liferay, Pentaho as well as other technologies for enterprise application such as Oracle and Websphere. No matter what development tools are used, our software developers follow XYBASE's software development methodology that stresses strongly on quality. Stringent configuration control methodology is also implemented. This group has also been trained on the importance of documentation especially in the development of technical, user and training manuals.
The XYBASE software development methodology is a fusion of strong standards, clear communications with clients, strict reviews and rigorous test standards.
Various software development methods are used such as Waterfall and Agile Scrum. The method to be used for a project depends on the nature, requirements and timeline of the project. Our team of highly skilled software professionals are equipped with the latest tools and software technology coupled with strong commitments towards continuous improvement philosophy.