In line with our effort to expand our technology footprint and create new market segment, we establish strategic partnership with our affiliates to provide latest, niche, distinctive and advanced technologies and solutions to our clients. Our affiliates are key solutions providers for cloud based solutions, 360 degree video technology and mobile streaming, loyalty management, fleet management and social media marketing.
Anise Asia Cloud is a cloud solutions provider that will help you to gain immediate access to cost-effective industry cloud based solutions and help you to reduce the complexity of the servers management. Anise Asia resells Joyent Cloud Software and operates StarAnise Cloud for cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery. Anise Asia Cloud also operates its own public cloud called Star Anise Cloud with data centres in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok.
XV Asia Technology is a 360 degree video technology solutions provider to provide 360 degrees, full motion, interactive videos that can aid and improve clients' business operations and deliverability.
SimplifiJohan is a solution provider for turnkey loyalty based e-commerce platform that support points plus cash or rebates and vouchers for any enterprises that aspire to build long term and strategic engagement with their customers.

Solution Partners